"Wealth for Entrepreneurs through Black Business"

The Core Challenge

There are major GAPS in entrepreneurship.

Under-resourced entrepreneurs STRUGGLE with LACK OF ACCESS to networks, relationships and opportunities.

Big-hearted organizations WANT TO DO MORE than just make a relevant social media post, but don't know where to start.

Our Solution

We are a 501 c3 “incubator” and “accelerator” created to address and close the racial wealth gap by providing a supportive ecosystem around Black entrepreneurs.

WEBB Squared provides a framework of services for Black entrepreneurs that assist with growing and navigating their businesses through three different stages of business development: ideation, sustaining and expansion.

We walk entrepreneurs through the three stages of development:

The Ideation Stage

Providing critical skills to create a solid and sustainable foundation

Sustaining Stage

Providing further training and networking that focus on building sustainability and developing solutions to challenges

Expansion Stage

Offering solutions for growth and expansion

Become A Sponsor Today

Every $1,000 sponsorship provides one under-resourced entrepreneur with a year’s access to The Commonwealth of Heart Powered Ventures where entrepreneurs get:

  • Weekly NETWORKING sessions with entrepreneurs representing a broad range of success, expertise, and connection.

  • Monthly ONE-on-ONE business coaching and consulting sessions.

  • RESOURCES to meet immediate and long-term needs.

The BRONZE Sponsorship

$1000 For 1 Year

  • Annual Scholarship For 1 Entrepreneur

The SILVER Sponsorship

$2500 For 1 Year

  • Annual Scholarships for 3 Entrepreneurs
  • One Hour Racial Bias Assessment Meeting With Your Exec Team

The GOLD Sponsorship

$5000 For 1 Year

  • Annual Scholarships for 5 Entrepreneurs
  • 90 Minute Racial Bias Assessment Meeting With Your Exec Team
  • A 90 minute to 2 hour discussion with your full team to facilitate authentic dialogue and set tangible diversity and racial equity goals.

Hear a conversation on how WEBB Squared got started and how it's impacted the lives of FOUR entrepreneurs.

Join Our Network and Learn More

Weekly meetings:
Thursday At 12 pm Eastern Time

Sharing Our Entrepreneurial Stories

Stephanie T. - Owner of Sweeties Southern and Vegan Catering in Durham, NC

Brandon C. - Founder of Pore People Cosmetic Company in Durham, NC

Toshwa A. - Musician, Artist, and Entrepreneur in Durham, NC

Evan S.C. - Educator and Entrepreneur, Founder of One Option in Durham, NC