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From our ever-expanding Commonwealth ecosystem and weekly meetings with entrepreneurs in our network: bringing them the best conversations and guests who are leading business from the heart, and changing the world - from the inside out!

These are our guests and conversations - they share their Wisdom, entrepreneurials insights, best practices and humor.

Sarah Chick, Events & Program Manager at Raleigh Founded
Sarah Chick and Dave Gold talk about the importance of "Who, What, Where, Why's of Content Making" to grow your audience and bring in more clients/customers into your business.


Rain Bennett, Storytelling Coach
What is authentic and uniquely you? How important is your creation myth/origin story to your business?

Rain Bennett walks us through many aspects of storytelling and it's relationship to building your business.


Toshwa Alexander, founder of 7DayOne$
Isabella Reeves Smith interviews and strikes up a wonderful conversation with young entrepreneur Toshwa Alexander, the founder of promotion company 7DAY ONE$ branding company. Toshwa shares his insights on branding and fashion in this video.


In Conversation With: Isabella Reeves Smith
Dave interviews Isabella Reeves Smith! Isabella provides some strong insight from someone beginning her entrepreneurial journey.


Kevin Clark, President, Content Evolution
We sit down and talk with Kevin Clark about importance of "Brand Experience" as the vehicle for expressing and propagating your entrepreneurial values."


Tom Dalonzo-Baker, Founder Of Total Motion Release

Tom Dalonzo-Baker, successful physical therapist and entrepreneur, explains his unique 5-step process for success in the business world.


Pt. 1 "Conversation on Unity and Equity"
On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the team at Heart Powered Ventures--along with some new faces--came together to talk about the importance of the great civil rights leader's legacy and how his wisdom and messages of fighting hate with love are incredibly important in this tumultuous moment we find ourselves living in.


Pt. 2 "Conversation on Unity and Equity"
The conversation goes deep into what the responsibility is of heart powered entrepreneurs in this dark moment.


Artem Smirnov, Paradigm Innovation

The young entrepreneur explains the fear that some artists have of "selling out" when going into business.


Artem Smirnov, Paradigm Innovation

Dave Gold, founder of Heart Powered Ventures, and Artem discuss the importance of client outreach even when anxious of the result.


Artem Smirnov, Paradigm Innovation

Artem discusses what entrepreneurs can do to start their journey in this tumultuous time.


Introducing WEBB SQUARED

Dave Gold, Heart Powered Ventures, introduces  the WEBB-Squared Program. Special guests include Stephanie Terry, Evan Springfield-Cobb, Toshwa Alexander, and Brandon Christian.


Benji Jones, co-founder of Innovate Capital Law.

Innovate Capital is a law firm in Raleigh, NC which helps clients raise capital using a toolbox of evolving business practices, software, legal and financing strategies. Benji works closely with clients to develop customized strategies in each step of the startup, growth and capital raising process.


In Conversation with Stephanie Terry, owner of Sweeties Southern Vegan Food Company


"From Productivity to Proactivity" with Filippo di Lenardo, founder of 3ESSENTIA

A 3rd time entrepreneur, Filippo is incredibly fascinated with all aspects of the human mind and how to help people live by their full potential. This curiosity has led him on a long journey studying and working with leading experts in the field of behavioral psychology, coaching, spirituality, and neuroscience. His goal with 3SSENTIA is to create a new way of managing and experiencing our day by bringing together the best of the eastern and western philosophy to increase our levels of productivity, wellbeing, and fulfillment.


“Creating and Growing a Client Base as a Solo Service Provider” w/ Bryan Piccirillo
After many years in healthcare management, Bryan Piccirillo wanted to expand the ways he was able to help people. He realized very quickly that many people do not receive the advice and guidance they deserve when it comes to their finances. Bryan's goal as a financial advisor is to help people get the advice and guidance they deserve to better their lives. When people work with Bryan, they become his family, and he helps them prioritize their goals and create strategies to achieve the outcomes they desire.


“Leadership in Equity with Carolyn Rhodes"
Carolyn V. Rhodes is a trusted advisor who works with organizations to develop meaningful, collaborative relationships that lead to equitable infrastructures that are sustainable. She has worked in nonprofits, small and mid-size companies, and large corporations. Carolyn is a HR Leader in Equity of 15+ years. She is ardent about collaborative Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Change Management and is uniquely positioned to assess, advise, plan and implement. Carolyn V. Rhodes drives innovative, sustainable success.


“Moving Forward with Kendra Neipp”
For 12 years, Kendra Neipp worked in the corporate world providing market research and strategy consulting to Fortune 500 companies. After leaving her career, Kendra grew and sold flowers part-time while pursuing a coaching certificate and starting her own business Career Coaching with Kendra. Kendra knows first hand the vulnerability, persistence and courage to let go of a past identity and start something new, and finds true satisfaction seeing her clients move forward.


"Serial Entrepreneurship with Joelle Permutt"
Joelle Permutt is a beauty counter consultant, yoga student, homeschool facilitator, health and cooking hobbiest - and most importantly - a serial entrepreneur.


"Inside the Mind and Heart of Josh Whiton”
Josh Whiton is an impact entrepreneur blending technology and business with active care for the planet. His world changing companies include TransLoc, which was acquired by the Ford Motor Company., for which he was named a Champion of Change by the White House. The companies, projects, and planetary interventions he serves aim to harmonize society with nature, catalyze a regenerative economy, and elevate human consciousness.