Our Commonwealth Network

Who We Are

  • We Lead from the Heart

    When you become a member of the Heart Powered Ventures Commonwealth Network, you tap into a broad ecosystem of entrepreneurs, service providers, investors, professionals, social pioneers. 

  • We are a Collaborative Community

    We are mutually supportive and collaborating on the creation of a new culture of equity and authenticity in the marketplace and the world.

  • We are a Living Laboratory

    Heart Powered Ventures serves as a living laboratory of social entrepreneurship. We have discovered and co-created perspectives, paradigms, strategies and connections that position heart-driven entrepreneurs for success in the marketplace.

  • We are Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs!

    With our credo of “shamelessly idealist” and “ruthlessly accountable” social entrepreneurship, we have created a culture meeting space where impact-driven businesspeople can “find their tribe,” "be themselves," and "become the best version of themselves" by discovering what it means to run a business from their heart.

The Commonwealth Network Partners with Black Entrepreneurs!

Weekly membership meetings of Commonwealth members and WEBB Squared participants with special guests and programs designed to aid and facilitate best business practices around issues of unity and equity.

The Commonwealth network partners with WEBB Squared, a 501 c3, that originated from the mission and vision of Heart Powered Ventures, and our commitment to recognizing and correcting the racial wealth gap by providing a supportive ecosystem around Black entrepreneurs.

Benefits to joining!

  • Personal, Professional Coaching

    As an attorney, entrepreneur, author, consultant and mentor, Dave Gold is a top-notch coach and can immediately pinpoint the limiting beliefs and self-sabotage that keep people from stepping fully into their own power, and to find the words and heart to affect immediate, lasting changes in those who want to live big lives and change the world.

  • Entrepreneurial Experts and Special Guests

    Our meetings are full of top-notch experts and special guests in and around our diverse network of entrepreneurs  offering opportunities to solve the biggest challenges to your business and collaboration on programs and projects.

  • Support Social Entrepreneurship Ventures

    Joining the Commonwealth Network, you are also supporting the WEBB Squared mission of creating an ecosystem to support Black Businesses through mentorship, financial support, social media call to action and more.

  • Be Featured on Podcast and Blog Series

    You and your business will be featured on our "Future of Heart Powered Entrepreneuraship" podcast, blogs, and video series. 

Our Next Entrepreneur Weekly Meeting Is Thursday

Thursday At 12 pm Eastern Time

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