Introducing WEBB Squared: An Incubator/Accelerator for Black Business

Did You Know That...

Only 4.3% of the U.S. 22.2 million business owners are black.

Small businesses in black communities are rarely profitable, less then 1% have a median profit margin above 20%.

95% of black business in black communities hold a cash buffer of 2 weeks or less.

Since the pandemic 41% of black businesses have closed their business as compared to 17% white.

At Heart Powered Ventures we see these major GAPS in entrepreneurship. We see that under-resourced entrepreneurs STRUGGLE with LACK OF ACCESS to networks, relationships and opportunities and we're deteremined to do something about it.

Heart Powered Ventures new program "WEBB Squared" will offer a solution to that challenge.


Meet Stephanie Terry, Director of our WEBB Squared program.  Stephanie is the owner of Sweeties Southern Vegan Food Company, a business owner with heart, expanding her own food business.

Stephanie is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs grow and expand their businesses.  Stephanie shares some reflection on the WEBB Squared program:

"The immediate access to networks that were not on my radar was amazing.

The other thing in these times of chaos is the internal relationship through the Commonwealth where other entrepreneurs are going through similar challenges. Being able to share and have an immediate support system has been magnificent.

We are excited to grow the WEBB Squared program, find sponsors for black and underrepresented entrepreneurs and help their businesses grow."


Heart Powered Ventures founder David Gold speaks with Stephanie Terry, Director of WEBB Squared and owner of Sweeties Southern Vegan Food Company.

They discuss the great connections they've made with Heart Powered Ventures and the newly blossoming WEBB Squared program since its inception late last year.

WEBB Squared is an incubator/accelerator for black entrepreneurs. The program provides support services to entrepreneurs through ongoing collaborative relationships that includes mentoring, networking, and consultation that acts a catalyst that increases the speed toward meeting goals and acceleration to success.

Stephanie says "We are a creating an eco-system - a real framework that helps black business truly thrive."

WEBB Squared is a sponsorship based program partnering to provide transformative training, coaching and networking in and among the Commonwealth community of impact and heart-centered entrepreneurs.

The Commonwealth of Heart Powered Ventures was created in mid-2020 as a forum where heart-powered, impact-driven entrepreneurs could gather weekly and create a network, and discuss the challenges and successes of being small business owners.

During the Black Lives Matter protests this past summer, members asked themselves “What is ours to do in this do in this particular moment as individuals and business people?"

The answer was to create a sponsorship program to give black entrepreneurs access to the Commonwealth and it's weekly network.

Every $1,000 sponsorship provides one under-resourced entrepreneur with a year’s access to The Commonwealth of Heart Powered Ventures where entrepreneurs get:

  • Weekly NETWORKING sessions with entrepreneurs representing a broad range of success, expertise, and connection.
  • ONE-on-ONE business coaching and consulting sessions.
  • RESOURCES to meet immediate and long-term needs.

Sponsors in the program invest not only money, but their time as well, meet on a regular basis, forming relationships and friendships that benefit both.  Studies show that businesses that invest in racial diversity and such programs, the more that they are able to out-perform than less diverse businesses. 

Join our Commonwealth and become part of our network.

Meetings are Thursdays

12 pm Eastern Standard Time

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