A Field of Dreams

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By Stephanie Basima Terry

Last week, in the midst of work obligations, family life, and a bad case of hives from an allergic reaction to pet dander, I had an epiphany in the middle of our weekly Zoom meeting of black entrepreneurs. As I was listening to each of us share about our plans, challenges and reflections, I realized that in a sense entrepreneurs are like farmers.  

If you have ever spent time on a farm with a farmer, you know that despite how picturesque the farm is, how cute the farm animals are,  and how fresh and ripe the produce is, the daily life of a farmer is a lot of hard work, uncertainty and learning on your feet.

The life of an entrepreneur is not always fun and glamorous either.  Like a farmer, it can mean working lots of long hours and days  filled with uncertainty, where you frequently find yourself making adjustments to plans, and learning from mistakes. 

Farmers plant rows of different sized seeds and plants, watering, mulching, and weeding, then waiting on the sun and the rain and the science that happens in the dirt to do its thing - while eagerly  anticipating those first signs of life. Entrepreneurs in a sense do the same things, creatively thinking and taking the seeds of ideas to share and plant in others’ minds, nurturing and watering those ideas with meetings and consultations, building teams that act on those ideas that then turn those ideas into products and services that people can use. Waiting for those magical moments when the idea becomes the thing itself. 


I realized in our meeting, that we were doing all the things farmers do to bear a successful crop. Including arising before the sun rises in the morning to work on our projects, making time during the day between our day  jobs to make a sale, and waking in the middle of the night, thinking about how to improve our latest plans. 

Business ideas take time...like seeds, they don’t grow overnight. When a farmer plants a seed, he knows he has to cultivate that seed by providing it with the right environment and water and allowing the sunshine and the earth to do the rest. The Farmer puts energy into the seeds and protects the seeds by removing the weeds around them. It is important to note that he/she does not water and feed the weeds or allow the weeds to grow in the garden.

Likewise in our efforts as Entrepreneurs with businesses (gardens), we do the things to ensure a successful product/service and remove the weeds (any negativity.. internal thoughts-emotions and external challenges, and unnecessary activities/thoughts that don’t support our goals. 

So the next time you awaken in the middle of the night thinking about your latest business project, or wake up in the wee hours of the morning to mix up  products to sell, remember this little analogy about a farmer in a field of dreams.  

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