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    Our Podcast

    The Future of Heart-Powered Entrepreneurship

    The pandemic has stripped away so much of the extraneous, including inauthentic, scarcity-driven business models. Each week Heart Powered Ventures founder David Gold sits down with heart-driven entrepreneurs and business leaders whose authenticity and integrity have enabled them and their businesses to thrive during the pandemic. They share their wisdom and experiences to help other heart-powered business people succeed.

    You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your favorite podcast feeds.

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    Our Blog

    "We’re in the business of creating equity. And if you want to invest in equity...you must invest in the unity of humanity. We are creating a whole new paradigm...scaling equity locally to make models that can be replicated throughout different localities.” ~ Stephanie Terry

    At Heart Powered Ventures, we have a story to tell about:

    • about our commitment to equity and unity in the marketplace,
    • the collaboration of those in our network and connections
    • our work to assist entrepreneurs in receiving the best business inspiration.

    Our weekly blog posts share that story as well as lift up those in collaboration and partnership with us. Our primary bloggers, Rinnie Orr (Heart Powered Ventures Operations Manager) and Stephanie Terry (Director of WEBB Squared).

    We welcome guest bloggers from within our network to share resources and insight into leading a business from the heart.

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    Our Videos

    From our ever-expanding Commonwealth ecosystem and weekly meetings with entrepreneurs in our network: bringing them the best conversations and guests who are leading business from the heart, and changing the world - from the inside out!

    These are our guests and conversations - they share their Wisdom, entrepreneurial insights, best practices and humor.

Weekly meetings with other Heart Powered Entrepreneurs!

Thursday At 12 pm Eastern Time