High Powered Coaching with Dave Gold,
Founder of Heart Powered Ventures

Dave Gold has enjoyed four decades of remarkable success as an attorney, entrepreneur, author, consultant and mentor.

His unique combination of business acumen and higher wisdom has helped countless impact-driven entrepreneurs tap into whatever sets their hearts on fire  - and use that passion to in turn set the marketplace on fire.

Dave possesses the uncanny ability to immediately pinpoint the limiting beliefs and self-sabotage that keep people from stepping fully into their own power, and to find the words and heart to affect immediate, lasting changes in those who want to live big lives and change the world.


Hear what successful entrepreneurs say about working with Dave:

"Dave Gold pierces the cultural lies we are embedded in to free up successful people to live bigger than what we grew up thinking of as possible. I can tell you that if you want a more fulfilled, connected life, talk to the guy."

Zemo T.- Founder of The Aligned Team


"In my work with Dave, he created an open space that fostered creativity, spiritual grounding, and a safe environment that allowed me to dream, discover my own true potential, and stay in my authenticity. As a result, I have more clarity and depth in what I offer the world through my business."

Shannon S. - Leadership and Team Coach