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"We’re in the business of creating equity. And if you want to invest in equity...you must invest in the unity of humanity. We are creating a whole new paradigm...scaling equity locally to make models that can be replicated throughout different localities.” ~ Stephanie Terry

At Heart Powered Ventures, we have a story to tell about:

  • about our commitment to equity and unity in the marketplace,
  • the collaboration of those in our network and connections
  • our work to assist entrepreneurs in receiving the best business inspiration.

Our weekly blog posts share that story as well as lift up those in collaboration and partnership with us.  Our primary bloggers, Rinnie Orr (Heart Powered Ventures Operations Manager) and Stephanie Terry (Director of WEBB Squared).

We welcome guest bloggers from within our network to share resources and insight into leading a business from the heart. To submit a blog post, contact Rinnie at [email protected]

Why Healing the Racial Divide is Good for Your Business and Your Heart, pt. 1

At Heart Powered Ventures, we have weekly entrepreneur networking meetings (Thursdays at 12 pm EST) to discuss timely and important challenges to our businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Every month we have a theme. This month, April 2021, our theme is “Why Healing the Racial Divide is Good for Your Business and Good for Your Heart.”…
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Finally Fearless

  Stephanie Basima Terry, Director of WEBB Squared(“Wealth through Entrepreneurship for Black Businesses”) Recognizing major gaps for under-resourced entrepreneurs, Heart Powered Ventures mission is to connect Black business owners to networks, relationships and opportunities to build successful, sustainable enterprises. We welcome Stephanie Basima Terry as a partner in this mission. Stephanie is not only an…
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Creating Content and Building Community: Conversation with Jesse Samuel Anderson

Introduction: Meeting Jesse authenticity over-coming fear and self-sabotage content creation: what it means, why do it and how to do it well. building collaborative partnerships to develop plan and hold ourselves accountable. Jesse: My pleasure. So, what is the product that we’re producing today? What are your thoughts? What are you hoping to get out…
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Making Time for Peace of Mind

By Stephanie Basima Terry Finding Peace of Mind – Navigating Work Life Balance As entrepreneurs, we often focus on all the things that make our businesses run efficiently – what I like to call the three P’s – people, paper, and processes. But what often gets lost in the sauce as we scurry around building…
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The Commonwealth Experience: Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs

Collaboration is the Key to the Commonwealth Experience I recently sat down with two such members and collaborators of our group, Bryan Piccirillo and Evan Springfield-Cobb. Bryan is a successful Financial Planner with Edward Jones and has been a part of the Commonwealth since it’s conception. Evan comes to the Commonwealth from our WEBB Squared…
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Existential Intelligence

Existential Intelligence –  Why It Might Be Foundational to Well-Being – and Crucial to the Optimal Success of Our Heart Powered Ventures by Saniel Bonder “The Power of Business as the Greatest Platform for Change” is the subtitle of Salesforce.com founder Marc Benioff’s recent book, Trailblazer.   What rings my chimes is the immense release of…
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